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In 1970 I founded and edited a new London-based journal, Album. It only survived for one year, 12 issues. But during that time it published images by significant photographers, many of them before they were "names," and often for the first time, at least in Britain.

Contributors included Bill Brandt, W. Eugene Smith, Elliott Erwitt, Edouard Boubat, George Rodger, David Hurn, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Charles Harbutt, Les Krims, Tony Ray-Jones, and a host of others.

A fuller account of Album's life can be found, and downloaded, from this website under "Magazine Memoirs" in the section Essays and Articles.

Original copies of Album are rare and difficult to find. I felt it might be useful if every page of each issue was available to any interested photographer, historian, and critic; here they are, as PDFs.

Download each issue by clicking below; these are large files, so a broadband connection is recommended.

              ALBUM 1     ALBUM 2     ALBUM 3     ALBUM 4     ALBUM 5     ALBUM 6     ALBUM 7     ALBUM 8     ALBUM 10     ALBUM 11     ALBUM 12

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