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Looking up from my office desk I see a long row of fat ring-binders containing hundreds of my published articles, most of which appeared in print only once and often in obscure or foreign journals. I can also see several unpublished book manuscripts as well as a row of authored books. Then there are the scores of boxes containing thousands of photographs from a score or more of projects. This detritus of a life in photography has always posed storage problems and a sense of pointlessness if no one had access to it. However, I always harbored the fond hope that, one day, there would miraculously appear a means by which all this stuff could be freely available to anyone interested in the history and current practice of the medium. That day is now, thanks to the ubiquity of the worldwide web.

These pages represent a small beginning. Many more articles, photographs and other items will be added at frequent intervals. So, Welcome. And... Please come again.

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